the marketplace b2b of foods
that empowers
sellers and buyers.

Do you know that bureaucratic every day and full of mistrust on the export journey? We have been transforming it into a digital experience, fast, secure and transparent.

| How it works

Take note of how we guarantee risks reduction, eliminating intermediaries, and increase the efficiency of the export operation.

Without  Directto

With Directto

| What makes Directto a different marketplace?

Fair trading

The value of our service is adjusted according to incomes achieved with the use of the marketplace. It’s our way to guarantee benefits to everyone involved in the export chain.

Integrated operation

The platform brings together the most innovative solutions in the market. Thus, Directto guarantees an agile and secure journey, from customers to product delivery.


To Direccto, sustainability and ethics have relations with our origins. We push business in a responsible way. This is why we use blockchain technology to track chains from start to finish.

Directto is


between Brazil and the international market for food distribution in a safe way.


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